Celebrating 50 Years of the CFA Charter

CFA Institute
  1. 1970s

    3,531 CFA charters are earned this decade.

  2. 1973

    Extensive review of the CFA exam and Body of Knowledge is undertaken.

  3. 1973

    Establishment of an enforcement program for CFA charterholders.

  4. 1974

    “Command” words are added to the CFA study guides and CFA exams.

  5. 1976

    C. Stewart Sheppard Award established. First recipients include: George M. Hansen, CFA, A. Moyer Kulp, CFA, M. Dutton Morehouse, CFA, C. Stewart Sheppard, and David G. Watterson, CFA.

  6. 1977

    1,993 candidates sit for the exam; 23 graders; 42 exam areas in the U.S. and Canada.

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