Celebrating 50 Years of the CFA Charter

CFA Institute
  1. 1980s

    6,393 CFA charters are earned this decade.

  2. 1982

    First Council on Continuing Education meets and first Continued Education Seminar is offered: “Management Skills for the Investment Manager.”

  3. 1982

    FAF/ICFA publish first Standards of Practice Handbook.

  4. 1983

    Publication of the CFA curriculum centerpiece, Managing Investment Portfolios: A Dynamic Approach, by John L. Maginn, CFA, and Donald L. Tuttle, CFA.

  5. 1985

    First CFA exam graders from outside North America, coming from London and Middle East.

  6. 1986

    ICFA President travels to England, India, Singapore and Japan to meet with other international organizations to spread the word of the CFA Program.

  7. 1986

    Formal accreditation program starts.

  8. 1986

    Level I goes to 50% multiple choice questions.

  9. 1987

    5,000 candidates sit for the CFA exams in 92 exam centers. 104 graders.

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